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Boiler for impregnation lines

Impregnated paper production line use thermal oil boiler


1. Basic properties:  The output: thermal oil  

   The fuel: coal/biomass/solid fuel

 The thermal capacity: 700kw-18000kw

2. The usage:

 Of course, this kind of boiler also could be used on many other industries.  

3. The advantages of products:

1. Medium: heat tranfer oil

(1)Low pressure and high temperature;

(2)the heat transfer oils enter into the boiler from the low position and flow out from the high position;

(3)the gas produced during the operation can be discharged out of boiler smoothly.

2. Heating surface: monolayer (double layer) coils

(1)lay out enough heating area;

(2)reduce the resistance of medium in the furnace;

(3)reduce thermal load on the coil surface;

(4)ensure the safer usage of the heat transfer oils.

3. Top of heating surface: roof tube

protect the furnace top better and prevent it from being burned out.

4. Grate and furnace arch

(1)with special design, the boiler can achieve the independent regulation on air volume;

(2)make the sufficient and full combustion;

(3)a wide range of coal coulde be used as fuel.


(1)it is convenient to install the boiler: only put the upper body and the below combustor together;

(2)the installation period is very short

 Technical parameter table:


Note: Attributed to the continuous improvement of product performance, our company will reserve the rights of modification on words, patterns, and data without notice.

PS: The boiler can be customized according to your requirements. 

 1. The monolayer closely arranged coils locate in the front of boiler body.

2. The snakelike coils locate at the back of boiler body.

3. Four backhaul heat transfer, enlarge heat transfer surface, high thermal efficiency.

4. The waste heat boiler (air preheater) is behind the boiler.

1. The fuel burns sufficiently and forms the high temperature flue gas, the energy of which is mostly absorbed by the radiant heating surface;

2. The gas enters into the convection heating surface to exchange heat and moves out of the boiler;

3. Then the gas passes through the waste heat boiler(air pre-heater) to release heat further, then passes the dirt remover; 

4. The gas finally is sent into the funnel by induced draft fan and discharged into atmosphere.


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