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Impregnation Line

HPL Kraft Paper Impregnation Line


Usage: prime paper for HPL.

The kraft paper for HPL usually uses horizontal one-step impregnation dryer line to produce.

Horizontal one-step impregnation dryer line is made up of umwinding machine, impregnation machine, dryer, cooling section, edge control, puller, paper cutter, and the paper stack.

The HPL Kraft Paper Impregnation Line main Technical parameter and Feature:

1   working width: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

2   raw material: decoration paper

3   paper gram weight: 35~135gr/m2

4   impregnating material: UF/MF/WBP

5   heating source: hot oil, steam or directly hot air

6   communication control with human-machine interface (touch screen), PLC and frequency converter as a substitute of the traditional panel control, which have greatly improved the digitization standard.

7   The web aligner adopts pneumatic and hydraulic servo aligner to ensure the paper moving steadily.

8   The high precision metering roller ensures the gluing precision and surface quality of the Horizontal Impregnation Line. Moving precision of metering roller≤0.003mm, Linear precision of metering roller ≤0.003mm/m..


We can also design and manufacture it according to the users specific requirements such as the working width, the number of dryers and the working speed etc.

AL2O3 Abrasion-Resistance Paper Impregnation Line 

The high precision metering roller ensures the gluing precision and surface

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